22 Oct 2009

Pitcairn considers new constitution

6:23 pm on 22 October 2009

A committee on Pitcairn Island is reportedly considering a draft of a new constitution.

The Pitcairn Islands Study Center in California reports that under the leadership of the island's associate mayor, Jay Warren, a committee of five islanders is currently reviewing the draft constitution.

The Center's Herbert Ford quotes Pitcairn's Wellington based governor, George Fergusson, saying the document will modernise the island's outdated constitution.

Earlier this year Mr Fergusson had said there were no immediate plans to change the constitution.

But Mr Ford quotes Mr Ferguson now saying the changes will incorporate the Pitcairn Island Council, appoint an Attorney General, and bring the island's court system into the constitution.

The constitutional review by the Pitcairners follows a 10-day workshop on the island earlier this month conducted by human rights representatives from the Commonwealth Foundation.