21 Sep 2009

Samoa Victim Support Group receives another complaint against police

7:49 am on 21 September 2009

The Samoa Victim Support Group in Samoa has received another complaint of alleged police brutality.

Spokesperson Viliamu Paese says a man from Sogi has come forward with a complaint.

This follows an initial complaint from a man in Vaiusu last week.

According to the latest complainant, he received a cracked eye and a broken arm from an alleged police beating.

The victim told the Samoa Victim Support Group their van was stopped at a police roadblock in Solosolo for laughing loudly.

The man says he tried to explain to the police they weren't laughing at them.

He says one policeman dragged him out of vehicle and started beating him.

Mr Paese says they are awaiting medical reports before the matter is reported to the police for investigation.