10 Jul 2009

Samoa hotel acts against church over noise pollution

9:33 am on 10 July 2009

A court hearing involving a hotel and church in Samoa over noise pollution is scheduled to get underway on Friday.

Hotel Millenia Samoa filed legal proceedings against the Worship Centre Church next door over excessive noise.

Its General manager, Tuala Oli Ah Him, says for five years he has been asking the open air Worship Centre Church to build walls or keep the sound down, especially on Sundays.

But he says the noise continues to far exceeds the legal limit, have forced the hotel to take court action.

"Well at the moment they are hosting a conference, it goes on for two weeks. And they play these loud noises on their speakers from the morning until about 4 in the evening. But the usual Sunday services is in the morning from 8 til 12 and from 5 to 9 in the evening. And the noise is just unbearable, our guests are actually complaining and some have actually checked out."

Tuala Oli Ah Him say the hotel has opened a new wing of rooms and a pool to cater for more guests.