7 Jul 2009

Crime falls more than 50 percent with church help, says Fiji Police

9:03 pm on 7 July 2009

The police in Fiji say the national crime rate has dropped by more than 50 per cent as a result of partnering up with predominately Christian organisations.

They say the initiative is working to reduce crime because its focus is on targeting the spirit of criminal activity in people.

The Methodist and the Apostle Gospel Outreach fellowship churches are behind the move to combine forces with the police.

The Director of Police Operations, Senior Superintendent Waisea Tabakau, says it is working with all Christian churches to help people who commit crime by initially addressing their negative ways.

"When you talk about the intentions, you're talking about the evil spirit within the people. So when we identify the right enemy, the root of the problem, the only resolution for the problem is to address what causes the problem. In fighting the evil spirit, we need the whole spirit to fight... and that's one way of preventing it."

Mr Tabakau says he thinks this policing strategy has reduced crime far better than other strategies used throughout the world.