17 Jun 2009

Regional conference hears plea for gender equality

1:56 pm on 17 June 2009

An Australian advocate says oppression and violence against women can be reduced through men adopting gender equality.

Stephen Fisher, who works as a trainer at the Chisholm Institute in Melbourne, says much progress was made on the issue at the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre's Pacific Regional Meeting on Violence Against Women in Fiji last week.

Mr Fisher, who spoke at the gathering, says a gender-imbalanced society will breed violence, but it can be eliminated when men listen more to women and help them with housework, raising children, cooking and cleaning.

"I also think that it's really important for men to learn more about gender relations. And that means reading. So reading some books written by other feminist women or pro-feminist men that help to give men the tools to analyse gender relations."

Stephen Fisher says he would like men to embrace a pro-feminist stance in a measured and planned way and in collaboration with women.