17 Mar 2009

Fiji soldiers could face charges for having guns in personal possession

4:21 pm on 17 March 2009

A soldier recruiting agency in Fiji says soldiers found to have a gun in their personal possession after returning home from service in other countries could face charges.

This comes as the Military plans to further look at a police investigation of a 16-year-old Suva high school student who said he was given a gun by his Father allegedly servicing in Iraq.

A spokesperson for Global Risk Strategies, which recruits Fijian Soldiers to serve in Iraq, Saki Raivoce says its soldiers are issued weapons in Iraq which are returned before soldiers head home.

He says if the father did have a gun in his personal possession he should face court punishment.

"Well in a court of law, he should be arrested first of all, because they are not allowed to bring guns into Fiji, only if weapons are part of the Military equipment. As far as I know no one is allowed to keep firearms in his personal, I mean in his residence or whatever. All arms are kept in the barracks."