1 Dec 2008

Big international interest in mining developments in Papua New Guinea - conference organiser

4:11 pm on 1 December 2008

Over 800 delegates have gathered in Sydney for Papua New Guinea's Mining and Petroleum Industry conference.

The executive director of the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Greg Anderson, says they are delighted with the phenomenal turnout.

He says the great surge in interest has come particularly on the back of the ten billion US dollar liquefied natural gas project.

Mr Anderson says many companies taking part want to become involved in the giant project.

"Either to market the gas, purchase the gas, even to be actually be part of the project, and interested in talking to the state, although the state has made a lot of its decisions already, but yes, they are interested in all facets of the project and of course there are people on the contracting side who are looking at a whole range of contract opportunities there."