10 Nov 2008

Guam wants to hear from Obama administration over military relocation

8:11 pm on 10 November 2008

Guam's Governor is asking the incoming Obama administration for an answer over what will happen to the proposed build up of United States troops on the island.

The Bush administration had agreed with Japan to move 8-thousand troops to Guam, over the next 6 years, a plan that is worth at least 10 billion US dollars.

Shaun Gumataotao, the deputy chief of staff to Governor Feliz Camacho, says there's been an indication that under Barack Obama, there could be a 25 percent cut in military spending.

He says Governor Comacho is worried that could negatively impact on the buildup.

"It's been less than a week, and the administration continues to make efforts to reach out to the transition teams. This is one issue that we are aware of that is a top priority in the United States Department of Interior transition report as well as a number of other agencies. But again, we will continue to reach out to them until we get this shared with them."

Shaun Gumataotao says any change wouldn't just affect Guam, but also CNMI, and the Micronesian states from which workers would have been sought.