17 Sep 2008

Northern Marianas politician voices anger over federal suit brought by Governor

2:08 pm on 17 September 2008

A legislator in the CNMI is voicing her anger at the Governor's move to sue U.S. federal authorities over its pending takeover of the territory's immigration system.

The CNMI Governor, Benigno Fitial, announced his decision to sue last Friday, assuring people that no public funds would be used in the lawsuit.

But House Representative Tina Sablan says the move is premature and despite the Governor claims, taxpayer funds will be used in the costly suit.

She says it has damaged the delicate relationship with the federal government at a time when the CNMI should really be working with Washington.

"Litigation really makes no sense to me. It doesnt make sense to a lot of people. And the bottom line is that we have so many other serious problems that we really should be working on. I mentioned our utilities crisis. That should be our focus. We shouldn't be throwing public funds that we can't afford on a lawsuit that we're likely to lose."

House Representative, Tina Sablan.