11 Aug 2008

Fiji Fish to meet interim administration over tax cut demand

2:11 pm on 11 August 2008

An fish exporter in Fiji, alarmed by an industry crisis, says a tentative meeting has been set up with the interim administration for Friday next week.

Fiji Fish managing director Graham Southwick warns companies are going to go under with the number of disused fishing boats growing unless there's relief from some taxes and duties.

Mr Southwick says they shut down another two boats from an already dwindling local fleet in the past two weeks.

He says local companies want to be given the same benefits offered to foreign vessels.

"The Fiji industry is probably the only fishing industry in the world that's penalised by their own governments. They impose duties and taxes and all sorts of costs, license fees and all sorts of things on the domestic fleet that don't apply to the foreign fleet who fish alongside us. All we're asking is for them to remove all these taxes duties and license fees these costs that apply to the domestic fleet but don't apply to the foreign fleet."

Managing director of Fiji Fish - Graham Southwick.