14 Jul 2008

Commonwealth Youth Programme to help development of parts of Solomon Islands

10:20 am on 14 July 2008

The Commonwealth Youth Programme in Solomon Islands and the grassroots organisation, the Uttermost Rural Development Foundation, is looking for help to create sustainable employment in north Malaita.

One factor in the ethnic unrest was the large numbers of idle Malaitan youth in Honiara and the Commonwealth Youth Programme's Paul Peteru says it remains an issue.

He says, with the URDF, they have called a meeting today involving government officials, aid agencies and others, to present their case for building income generating projects, particularly in north Malaita.

He says a key request will be assistance on a mapping exercise to clearly define what the needs of north Malaita are.

"We can talk until the cows come home about anecdotal statistics. We all know that something is amiss, but what we need to do is carry a mapping exercise and we seeking assistance, financial or in kind, in terms of manpower, the ability to map out north Malaita, consult with the different ward representatives, community leaders, tribal councils and so forth, to get a better idea as to what the community's needs are."