9 Apr 2008

French Polynesian veterans again seek compensation for French atomic weapons tests

1:43 pm on 9 April 2008

The Nuclear Workers' Association in French Polynesia says its case to seek compensation for victims from the fallout of the French weapons tests has been deferred until June 2nd.

The Association's president, Roland Oldham, says it has presented nine cases of former nuclear test workers, of whom only three are still alive, to the labour court in Papeete.

The others were represented by their widows.

France has so far refused to accept a link between the weapon tests and the health problems reported by test site workers.

Mr Oldham says the approach to the labour court follows a decision by the social security agency which considered the compensation claim to have been filed too late.

"It's very important for us because this is the first time we went to the labour court because of the attitude of the French state. We would hope that everything can be solved."

Roland Oldham