5 Mar 2008

Fiji youth forum postponed over permit issue

5:04 pm on 5 March 2008

Indigenous youths in Fiji have postponed a meeting planned for this weekend to call on the interim regime to allow greater political participation.

The Young People's Concerned Network and the Provincial Youth Forum of the Fiji Islands called the meeting in the village hall in Kalabu just outside Suva because they say the interim regime fails to consult indigenous youths on many issues.

But the Youth Forum's, Jone Ryder, says they will now have to postpone the gathering.

"The police force have advised us to have a permit from the commissioner central's office, because it's going to be a public gathering, but our legal advisors have said that there's no need to have a permit because we would have that meeting of that rally in the village."

Jone Ryder says another reason for the postponement is that more youths wanted to take part in the gathering and the village hall would have been too small.

He says they've not chosen another date or venue yet.