10 Oct 2007

Niue Premier says controversial group remains interested in business opportunities

10:52 am on 10 October 2007

The Premier of Niue Young Vivian says a controversial group which left at the weekend on a chartered jet after running up debts of several hundred thousand dollars remains interested in setting up businesses on the island.

The outstanding debts brought threats of criminal charges and deportation, but the group cleared the outstanding bills before leaving.

Young Vivian says he wasn't surprised that the money was paid.

"Because I knew that they could pay it. And they had promised us that they would pay everything, and this is why we were holding on so that they can pay. And also at the end of the day we have the law with us."

Mr Vivian says the group wants to return but the Government would need to see concrete development proposals beforehand.

He says they would also be advised to clear debts promptly next time.