26 Sep 2007

Fiji lawyer offers to work in group to improve Fiji's image abroad

10:31 am on 26 September 2007

A leading Fiji lawyer has offered his services to be part of an independent committee to combat negative publicity about Fiji overseas.

The Fiji Times reports that Dr Shamsud Dean Sahu Khan made the offer at a Ba Chamber of Commerce forum where he expressed his concern about the image that was being painted of Fiji by foreign media organisations.

Dr Sahu Khan said such foreign organisations are still portraying an image of soldiers standing guard at checkpoints and an unstable environment.

He said an independent committee made up of individuals without any links to the interim administration should be established to counter some of these reports.

Dr Sahu Khan said several prominent people originally from Fiji but now living in Australia and New Zealand have expressed a willingness to help clear the air on Fiji's political environment and the economy.

He said Fiji should take a more proactive approach and attack rather than allow such negative reports to continue.

The interim prime minister, Commodore Bainimarama, has said he had already been contacted by people in New Zealand wanting to assist in such an initiative.