25 Sep 2007

Political stability in French Polynesia feared elusive

8:22 pm on 25 September 2007

There is a claim that fresh general elections in French Polynesia won't guarantee political stability.

Paris plans to change the electoral law and organise two rounds of voting in January to replace the French Polynesian assembly chosen in 2004 for a five-year term.

The assembly has approved four no confidence motions in less than three years largely as a result of some assembly members switching sides.

Anti-party hopping legislation is not being considered because it would contravene the French constitution.

A member of the ruling Union For Democracy, Sabrina Birk, says as a result, stability won't be assured.

"There is nothing that will prevent the fact that an elected member can change parties and create a new overthrow of the government."

The French assembly plans to adopt the changes under urgency for polls to be held in January.