13 Aug 2007

Two members of the New Caledonian congress resign

10:42 am on 13 August 2007

Two members of the New Caledonian congress have resigned and will be replaced by those placed next on their party's electoral list.

The two to step down are from the anti independence Rassemblement-UMP

party which has seen a boost in its support in this year's French elections.

One of them Philippe Pentecoste cited poor health for his departure while Marianne Devaux who had been a Congress member for eight years, said she quit for personal reasons.

This comes as the Congress is to meet again next Monday to elect a new government following last week's resignation of the pro-independence FLNKS government members over an election glitch.

The government had lasted only a few hours before the FLNKS withdrew its support.

Last week, Harold Martin was all the same elected President to replace Marie-Noelle Themerau who stepped down in July to take a seat in the Congress.