8 Aug 2007

Fiji High court says retirement age to stay at 60 until judicial review

8:02 am on 8 August 2007

The Suva High Court has granted a stay order against the Fiji interim government's decision to lower the retirement age to 55.

Justice Filimoni Jitoko has agreed to hear a judicial review of the retirement age issue following an application by the Fijian Teachers Association and the Fiji Public Servants Association.

The hearing will begin on October 30.

The stay means that the retirement age will remain at 60 until the judicial review is completed and a judgment delivered.

Meanwhile, the interim prime minister has stressed that the police and military also received a 5% pay cut similar to the one for the public servants.

A government statement says Commodore Frank Bainimarama issued the clarification after some reports that soldiers and police were exempt from the pay cut.

Commodore Bainimarama says such ill-informed reports are far from the truth as the 5% pay cut was imposed on everyone because fiscal stability and economic recovery was the priority.