25 Jul 2007

NZ Governor General to make first Tokelau visit

7:19 pm on 25 July 2007

The Governor-General of New Zealand, Anand Satyanand, is making his first official visit to Tokelau next week.

The three-day visit aims to reaffirm the Governor-General's relationship with Tokelau, which is a dependent territory of New Zealand.

Mr Satyanand and his wife arrive on Tuesday and will visit each of Tokelau's three atolls, Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo, visiting major projects funded by N-Z Aid, including schools and hospitals.

The visit comes as Tokelau prepares for a referendum on whether it should become self-governing.

The first referendum on the issue last year narrowly failed to reach the two-thirds majority required for change.

The Governor-General says New Zealand and Tokelau will continue to have a strong relationship regardless of the outcome.