5 Jul 2007

Fiji military stops former Fiji Broadcasting CEO from leaving country

1:09 pm on 5 July 2007

Fiji's military have prevented the former CEO of the national broadcaster from leaving the country.

Francis Herman, who stepped down as head of Fiji Broadcasting last month, was to have flown to Australia to address a conference of communications professionals.

Radio Australia reports that as Mr Herman tried to board his flight in Nadi last night, he was told that the military had orders not to allow him to leave.

He has not been detained, and is on his way back to Suva.

Several well-known Fiji citizens have also been told they could not leave the country in recent weeks.

One of the organisers of the conference, John Tebbutt, says the decision by Fiji's interim government will not put them in a good light, and he can not work out what they hope to achieve by it.