2 Jul 2007

Pioneering landfill technolgy revealed by Pacific regional body

8:18 pm on 2 July 2007

Samoa is pioneering a cost-effective and environmentally superior landfill technology with assistance from the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environmental Programme.

The Solid Waste Officer with SPREP, Mark Ricketts, says he believes this method will suit many of the small islands and towns of the Pacific.

He says it offers a chance to upgrade the open dumps of the Pacific for a fraction of the cost previously thought necessary.

A presentation on the opportunities the system offers was made at a conference in Pago Pago last month.

Mr Ricketts says used car and car products, such as tyres, remain a problem for all islands.

Processing is expensive and some countries like Guam are introducing a recycling levy to be included with the purchase price.

Guam is following Kiribati's successful application of this method for other recyclables like cans and plastic bottles