31 May 2007

Fiji's Kadavu province supports interim admin and anti corruption drive

7:38 am on 31 May 2007

One of Fiji's 14 indigenous provinces, Kadavu, has come out in full support of the interim administration and its anti-corruption drive.

The chairman of the Kadavu Provincial Council, Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo says the province is ready to work in close collaboration with the government of the day for the benefit of its people.

Ratu Josateki told Radio Legend that Kadavu will remain neutral and not be involved with any politics as some provinces have done.

He says the provincial council has decided the legality or otherwise of the current situation should be left to the courts.

Ratu Josateki also says provincial council members believe that people should be taken to task for abusing tax dollars and action should be taken now to take them to court.

He says everyone knows that the level of corruption increased during the tenure of the last government and it is timely for investigations to take lace.

As well, Ratu Josateki says it is pointless for people to criticise the assistance offered by India and China, saying Fiji cannot pick and choose where it can get aid from.

He says whether the aid is from India, or China, or Russia, Fiji will gratefully accept it.