31 May 2007

Fiji house damaged by group claiming to conduct anti-sorcery rituals

1:46 pm on 31 May 2007

A woman and a man in Fiji have appeared in court after a group of people from Suva went to the village of Nacavanadi to conduct spiritual cleansing rituals.

The court in Suva heard how the group, including local villagers, allegedly tried to dig up a concrete floor to look for a skull which they believed was being used in sorcery rituals.

One woman from the village was charged with breaking and entering, whilst a man from Suva was charged with stealing a whale's tooth.

The two claimed to represent the Methodist Church, which has been denied by the church president.

Inspector Tevita Tadu from Levuka police station says the incident came about after reports of sorcery spread to Suva.

"There was a group of people coming over from Suva, there were rumours that there was a skull in one of the houses in Nacavanadi so the owner was away in Suva, so they entered the house and they start digging the floor. At the end they found no skull so the matter was reported to the police."

Inspector Tevita Tadu.