30 May 2007

Marshalls president says climate change biggest threat to his nation

1:32 pm on 30 May 2007

The Marshall Islands President, Kessai Note, says climate change represents the greatest threat to life in the Marshall Islands and other Pacific nations.

President Note had been speaking to representatives from 16 countries attending this week's United Nations FAO Southwest Pacific Ministers meeting in Majuro.

Mr Note told delegates there is an urgent need and a moral obligation to act.

The FAO's Director-General, Jacques Diouf, told the meeting that global warming will have major consequences in Pacific atolls.

Mr Diouf says FAO is focusing on raising awareness of the risks from rising sea levels and warming temperatures with the goal of mainstreaming actions in overall programmes to address or prevent the problems.

He says FAO programmes are geared to ensure sustainable development with a view to avoiding negative impacts on the climate.