18 May 2007

Japanese cruise ship to visit American Samoa

9:44 am on 18 May 2007

The first Japanese cruise liner to call into American Samoa will arrive in Pago Pago Pago Harbour next Tuesday.

The MS Nippon Maru is bringing nearly more than 400 passengers and crew to the territory

Betty Cavanaugh of Pago Tradewind Tours has spent the past several years trying to convince Japanese cruise companies to include Pago Pago in their itineraries.

She says she's hopeful this inaugural voyage will be followed by many more cruise ships from Japan.

"Its been five, six years I've tried to divert one of these Japanese cruise liners to come to include American Samoa because they do go to Western Samoa but not often. So they came down last year I did a hard sell, so before they left they decided yes they'll definitely include American Samoa."