30 Apr 2007

Samoa gets sniffer dogs

3:29 pm on 30 April 2007

The fight against drug trafficking in Samoa will receive an extra boost when a new K9 unit is officially launched this week.

The idea for the unit, which will see police and customs officers work together for the first time under one roof, stems from government initiatives to step up searches for smuggled weapons and drugs.

The CEO of the Customs and Revenue department, Silafou Paul Meredith, says another first also for Samoa will be the use of two dogs from Australia and New Zealand.

Silafou Meredith says he is excited about the new Unit which will have many benefits.

"One is to try and enforce our border protection, especially from methamphetamine drugs, and the second benefit we see will accelerate the way both customs and police conduct drug checks."

The head of Samoa's Customs and Revenue Department, Silafou Paul Meredith.

Police raids last year found illegal drugs such as methamphetamine or ice, cocaine, and a number of unlawful weapons.