17 Apr 2007

Samoan village chief and former MP says hydro plant jeopardize organic farms

1:40 pm on 17 April 2007

A former Samoan parliamentarian, who is also a top ranked matai in the village of Sili in Savaii, Le Tagaloa Pita, believes the government's proposed hydro plant might jeopardise his village's status as a certified organic village.

Le Tagaloa has told the Samoa Observer newspaper the village was given international status as an organic village last month.

According to Le Tagaloa, it means that all crops produced by the village will fetch higher prices overseas for being chemically free.

It is uncertain if the project will go ahead.

The works minister is reported as saying he is not confident the village will remain positive to the government's project.

The minister says many people from Sili living overseas and outside the village are working endlessly to stop the hydro project which he says would benefit several parts of Savaii island which are yet to get electricity.