8 Mar 2007

Ombudsman says PNG will be a better place if men give women more opportunity

8:03 pm on 8 March 2007

Papua New Guinea's ombudsman, Ila Geno, says if more opportunities are given to women in PNG the country will prosper.

Mr Geno, marking international women's day, says that PNG will be a better place if men give women a chance to prosper in the development of the country.

He says around 30 per cent of employees at the ombudsman commission are women and he has challenged other public sector department heads to ensure women are given equal access to jobs and promotions based on merit.

Meanwhile the Pacific Islands forum secretary general, Greg Urwin, says it is a day to reflect on how nations, organisations, governments and citizens can better work together to end discrimination against women and increase support for women's full and equal participation.

He says the 'culture of silence', poverty and the low quality of education exacerbate the violence and discrimination directed at women.

Mr Urwin says there is a need to involve and use men as positive role models and mentors in working towards ending violence and discrimination against women and children.