2 Mar 2007

SDL case against military gets Fiji court hearing

5:11 pm on 2 March 2007

The preliminary court hearing between the Fiji military and the ousted SDL-led government was heard in the Fiji high court this morning.

The SDL Party has taken the military to court for the removal of the democratically elected government last December.

The presiding judge and acting chief justice, Justice Anthony Gates, has proposed two other judges to assist him in the case against the military

He has also asked the military not to interfere but facilitate requests by the ousted the prime minister Laisenia Qarase's lawyer Tevita Fa and commissioner of oath to travel to Vanuabalavu where Mr Qarase is after being banished by the military.

Justice Gates has given two weeks to both parties to file proper affidavits by March the 28th.

The SDL claims that the takeover was illegal which the military undertook invoking the Doctrine of Necessity.