27 Feb 2007

Fiji NGOs call on commander to end army practice of apprehending people after second death

7:57 pm on 27 February 2007

Fiji's military commander and interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, is being called on to rein in some elements of the military.

The Citizens Constitutional Forum, the CCF, is joining other NGOs in raising its concerns following the death of a second person who had been detained by members of the military.

The mother of 19 year old Sakiusa Rabaka says his death on the weekend came after he and two of his friends were arrested and beaten by the members of the army almost a month ago.

The CCF's, Jone Dakuvula, says concerns were raised with the commander following the first death in early January.

"This is a test case for him too. They say that they respect the rule of law but in not using his authority to hold back his men, this is what's happened."

Jone Dakuvula.