20 Feb 2007

Fiji attorney-general criticises lawyers who questioned legality of military coup

7:34 am on 20 February 2007

Fiji's interim Attorney General has criticised fellow lawyers for releasing a report questioning the legality of the military coup.

Aiyaz Sayed-Khayum says it was inappropriate for the group of senior lawyers to compile the damning report when two matters challenging the military regime are already before the courts.

The anonymous report described the assumption of executive power by Commodore Frank Bainimarama as riddled with legal inaccuracies, misapplications of the law and a selective reading of the case.

The group -who did not wish to be named - prepared the report in response to one released by the Fiji Human Rights Commission, which appeared to justify the coup.

Mr Sayed-Khayum says those responsible know what they've done is improper.


It's not prudent, even for these lawyers, that's why they're coming out anonymously and saying well we don't agree with all of this, but they should go through the court system because there is a matter before the courts.

DUR; 11

Mr Sayed-Khayum says any report or criticism of the report should have a legal basis and not engage in attacks on political opponents.