16 Feb 2007

Deposed Fiji PM could face treason charges

10:29 am on 16 February 2007

The deposed Fiji prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, could face charges of treason following police investigations.

Radio Legend reports that police are now investigating whether Mr Qarase asked for foreign armed intervention after the December 5th military takeover.

The acting assistant police commissioner crime, Josaia Rasiga, says it had been widely reported that the Australian prime minister, John Howard, and his New Zealand counterpart, Helen Clark, had rejected the request.

Mr Rasiga says police want to know whether Mr Qarase wanted foreign armed intervention in the country.

He says the investigations follow a report from the military, and police are now in the process of gathering evidence.

Mr Rasiga says under the Penal Code, anyone instigating a foreign invasion of the country is liable to be charged with treason.