23 Jan 2007

French prime minister assures French Polynesia's President of support for electoral reform

11:07 am on 23 January 2007

The French Polynesian president Gaston Tong Sang says the French Prime Minister and the Senate President are supporting the revision of Tahiti's electoral system.

Mr Tong Sang says the prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, has confirmed that that his government supports the delegation in its efforts to renew ties between the French overseas territory and the French state.

Tahitipresse reports Mr Tong Sang is saying Mr Villepin is also supporting a modification of French Polynesia's electoral system.

While Tong Sang and his delegation have received the backing of high-ranking politicians in the two major center-right political parties, there have been only a couple of meetings with French Socialists, who oppose the move.

Mr Tong Sang says it would be difficult for the Socialists to support today a voting system they opposed nearly three years ago.