5 Jan 2007

Fiji has a new Prime Minister but reaction from New Zealand has been swift

5:08 pm on 5 January 2007

Fiji has a new interim Prime Minister and he was officially sworn in today by restored former President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

"I Voreque Bainimarama do swear that I will be faithful and true allegiance to the Republic of Fiji islands according to law so help me God."

Part of Commodore Frank Bainimarama speech broadcast live on Radio Fiji.

The Commodore's appointment comes a month after the military overthrew the democratically elected government of Laisenia Qarase in a bloodless coup.

But he says noone under his command will benefit from his appointment.


No personnel of the RFMF shall benefit from the necessary intervention undertaken on fifth December 2006, nor will they benefit from my appointment as interim or caretaker Prime Minister. I appeal to all the citizens of our beloved country to support our president and the path he has chosen for us.

Meanwhile, reaction to the appointment has come quickly from Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters, who describes the ceremony as a facade says New Zealand won't react.


No we won't we'll just watch events and continue with the position that we outlined well before this facade of democratic reaction took place.

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Winston Peters.