11 Dec 2006

Senior PNG public servant may face charges over alleged misuse of government cars

7:23 pm on 11 December 2006

The chairman of the Papua New Guinea public service commission, Jerry Tetaga, has been referred to the public prosecutor for alleged misconduct in office.

The charges stem from allegations of improper use of motor vehicle allowances, which arose in April during the parliamentary public accounts committee's inquiry into the PSC.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that the ombudsman commission concluded in its investigations Mr Tetaga was allegedly in improper receipt of motor vehicle allowances, had improperly applied motor vehicle allowances and had "double-dipped" into motor vehicle allowances.

The alleged offences are breaches of the constitution and the organic law on the duties and responsibilities of leadership.

The public accounts committee in April raised concerns that Mr Tetaga had received 160 thousand US dollars in vehicle allowances - over 60 more than he should have been paid.

Public prosecutor Chronox Manek says he will look at the file to determine if the evidence justifies setting up a leadership tribunal.