31 Oct 2006

Fiji's says military it will not use force to recover ammunition

6:08 am on 31 October 2006

Fiji's military has given an assurance that it will not use force to recover seven and half tones of live ammunition held back at Suva wharf by the police commissioner, Andrew Hughes.

The acting military commander, navy Captain Esala Teleni, has told Radio Legend that he has told his staff to follow normal procedures to clear the consignment.

Captain Teleni says if the police stop it, he will probably go back to the commissioner.

He says police and the military should be working together to provide protection to Fiji and its people.

Captain Teleni says he is very concerned by Mr Hughes' actions in not consulting the military before making his decisions.

Mr Hughes says if they go to the wharf and take the ammunition, they will be committing an offence which will be investigated.

Captain Teleni says he supports the commander, Commodore Bainimarama's calls for the government to resign, adding that the police commissioner does not have any authority to stop them from making such statements or to form opinions on the military.

Captain Teleni says the military has not changed its stand but that does not mean that they will stage a military coup.

He says the military is only voicing its concerns about good governance and the performance of the Qarase government.