26 Oct 2006

French Polynesian opposition party calls on government to resign

5:33 pm on 26 October 2006

The French Polynesian opposition Aia Api Party has called for the resignation of the government led by President Oscar Temaru.

Its leader, Emile Vernaudon, made the call in light of the recent developments in the territory which saw French riot police end the occupation of key government buildings in Papeete.

Those taking part in the action were unionists, former members of the dissolved GIP intervention force and activists of Aia Api which had been part of the ruling coalition until early this year.

Mr Vernaudon's call comes as the leader of the striking unionists, Ronald Terorotua, says Mr Temaru will hold talks with them this weekend.

The former GIP leader, Leonard Puputauki, has also called for the French high commissioner's resignation after she ordered riot police to intervene.

Mr Vernaudon, who was the telecommunications minister given a suspend jail sentence for corruption this year, was touted as a possible successor to Mr Temaru when the opposition planned a no confidence vote in April.