26 Oct 2006

Serial conman under police guard in Fiji hospital

8:31 am on 26 October 2006

The serial international conman, Peter Foster, is under police guard in hospital in Fiji after his dramatic capture late yesterday.

Foster jumped off a moving vehicle and dived into Deuba River at Pacific Harbour to evade arrest.

He suffered a long gash to his forehead from a boat propeller and appeared to be unconscious when pulled out of the river wearing only his underwear.

Television pictures last night showed Foster being taken to the Navua Hospital for treatment and then transferred to Suva in the back of a utility.

Foster is wanted by police for allegedly falsifying a police clearance to obtain a work permit in Fiji and for cyber crimes using false emails and websites.

Foster has served jail terms in Australia, the United States and Britain for running various scams and was reported to have conned the British prime minister's wife, Cherie Blair, three years ago.