23 Oct 2006

Premier of Isabel Province in Solomons adds voice to those condemning PM threats against RAMSI

11:35 am on 23 October 2006

The Premier of Isabel Province in Solomon Islands, James Habu, has joined other provincial premiers in condemning threats by Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare to terminating the Australian component of RAMSI.

The Solomon Isalnd Broadcasting Corporation says the threat by the Prime Minister has sparked a wave of criticisms from provincial governments and other prominent leaders and organisations in the country.

Mr Habu says while the Prime Minister may have reasons to make such strong statements against Australia, there are avenues in which differences among leaders and nations could be resolved without the need to make threats.

The Isabel premier says the threats coming from the head of Government deepens doubts, and strong feeling of insecurity and hopelessness among his people in the future of Solomon islands.

Premier Habu says the people of Isabel have greatly appreciated the Australian contribution to RAMSI and call for the Government to be more diplomatic and friendlier in its approach to resolving the differences.

Meanwhile, a former Guadalcanal Parliamentarian, Walton Naezon had called on members of the Government and supporters to re-asses their ethical principals of good governance within the Sogavare-led Government.

Mr Naezon says he makes the call amidst what he calls a trend of radical style of leadership displayed by the Prime Minister.

The former parliamentarian and paramount chief says he was concerned and disturbed by the chain of dismissals or termination of employment of important post holders by Mr Sogavare since he became Prime Minister.