6 Oct 2006

Fiji minister at odds with his chief executive officer

11:09 am on 6 October 2006

A report from Fiji says differences between a government minister and his chief executive officer may cost the minister his job.

The Daily Post quotes government insiders as saying the minister of state for youth and sport, Rajesh Singh, has been given 7 days to consider whether he wants to continue or resign from his position.

It follows a meeting earlier this week between the prime minister and Mr Singh after a written complaint by his senior minister, the minister for education , youth and sport, Ro Teimumu Kepa.

In a letter to Mr Qarase, Ro Teimumu wrote that "the Hon Singh is unable to be a proper fit in the environment he is supposed to work in."

Ro Teimumu wrote that Mr Singh has "a certain paranoia about the 2003 South Pacific Games accounts" and "creates extra work as people have to go into damage control over his ill-conceived remarks."

Mr Singh would not comment on his meeting with the prime minister except to say that he will speak about it next week.

But he said he was saddened by Ro Teimumu because she had not bothered to discuss the issues with him but wrote direct to the prime minister.

Mr Singh said people are trying to get him out of the way because of his call for good governance and accountability.

Mr Singh has also asked the prime minister to institute appropriate disciplinary action against his chief executive, Poasa Ravea, for insubordination.