27 Sep 2006

Solomons allows anonymity of witnesses in Dausabea trial

3:20 pm on 27 September 2006

Reports from Solomon Islands say one of the MPs charged with inciting the Honiara riots, Charles Dausabea, will not know the identity of at least 10 prosecution witnesses who will be giving evidence against him.

The Solomon Star newspaper says this follows a ruling by Magistrate John Myers.

This means that the witnesses will give their evidence in seclusion of public eye.

The public prosecutor, Michael McColm, had asked the court to grant anonymity for some witnesses because they are not comfortable giving their evidence in the public gallery.

Mr McColm says he has material evidence to support the witnesses seeking anonymity, except for two witnesses who would be using names such as "Hot Bread 1" and "Hot Bread 2".

The use of the names has been criticised by the managing director of the Honiara Hot Bread Kitchen, Rolland Timo.