7 Aug 2006

Marshalls Energy Company says power outage later this week

3:30 pm on 7 August 2006

The Marshalls Energy Company says there will be a power outage later this week in parts of Majuro.

The general manager, William Roberts, says this will allow the company to carry out regular maintenance on the two generators in their newer plant following last week's fire which destroyed much of the old power plant.

He says three of the five older generators were destroyed but the cables and pipes of the other two were also damaged and the roof of the building is a mess.

The two power plants are connected and Mr Roberts says this means with the older plant out of action, the new plant has to take the full load.

"When that power plant needs maintenance, we will have to go to some load shedding. Since Friday, the power hasn't been off but it will go off this week, part of the island. We need to carry out routine maintenance on the remaining engines."

Mr Roberts says the power outage will probably be for four hours.

He says they're expecting an insurance assessor to arrive tonight so work can begin on how to plan for an ongoing power supply.