11 Jul 2006

Vanuatu National Council of Women welcomes police female recruitment drive

3:57 pm on 11 July 2006

Vanuatu's National Council of Women has welcomed a national recruitment drive by the Police that targets young female school leavers to apply.

The Council's CEO Janey Ligo says it's a good initiative and one which young women should embrace.

Ms Ligo admits that Vanuatu's traditional male-led culture may still provide hurdles to gender equality in the workplace, but says things are changing for the better in the country.

She says that with unemployment high these days, people realise how important a good education is, and thinks that young ni-Vanuatu women will be interested in working as Police...

"If they are recruited into the Police, if there is a good commander, I believe they will be very reliable, they will be people that we can look up to. And I believe that a lot of women are good managers."

Janey Ligo says she wants to see that any new recruits aren't taken for granted, and that they experience the same respect and opportunities that male recruits enjoy.