10 Jul 2006

Allegations in American Samoa over misuse of materials at local power authority

6:42 am on 10 July 2006

There are calls in American Samoa for a full investigation into allegations that the acting CEO of the local Power Authority diverted materials to be used at his home.

the anti-corruption group, Common Cause American Samoa, has told the Governor, Togiola Tulafono, that the group has documents that will verify its allegations.

The group claims that acting CEO, John Marsh, bought material at a local business under the guise of an ASPA remodel project at its Satala offices.

But the group says the materials were instead sent to Mr Marsh's residence in Aua village.

The President of Common Cause, Trudie Iuli-Sala, told Samoa News that this act constitutes fraud and must be investigated.

Dr Iuli-Sala says it must be made clear to the public that the government is serious about enforcing the law and that nobody is above the law.

The Power Authority's legal representative, Mike Keyser says the serious allegations will be investigated.