4 Jul 2006

Solomon Islands official says Honiara hosting Forum meeting very significant

7:24 pm on 4 July 2006

A senior Solomon Islands official says it is very significant that Honiara has hosted the 10th Pacific Forum Finance Ministers Meeting.

Economic ministers from around the region are meeting in the Solomon Islands capital to discuss the lessons learned from the last decade and preparing, economically, for the future.

The Australian treasurer Peter Costello has used the meeting to deliver his message that many Pacific countries' economies are deteriorating as their governments fail to stamp out corruption.

The Solomons' permanent secretary for planning, Shadrach Fanega, who is chairing the Forum meeting, says it is important that Honiara is the site for this year's gathering.

"The idea is for us to get back our confidence by the Pacific Islands countries, that the peace-building and economic recovery is being done here now. And also because of the recent events in April we have tried to show the countries of the Pacific, our friends, that things are normal and things are beginning to be recovered now."

The Solomons' permanent secretary for planning, Shadrach Fanega.