4 Jul 2006

Fiji labour Party MPS defy threat of disciplinary action

6:37 am on 4 July 2006

Fiji Labour Party members of parliament defying their disputed leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, have challenged him to take disciplinary action against them.

Party management board member Felix Anthony has told the Fiji Sun that he has the right to speak out and to question people's dishonesty.

Mr Anthony says Mr Chaudhry is accountable to the management board and they are not accountable to him for anything.

Mr Anthony has also told the Daily Post newspaper "Mr Chaudhry has no power to take any action against any individual FLP member on his own."

Mr Anthony says Mr Chaudhry should "know very well that only the management board can take any course of action against any member of the party."

Labour Party vice president and cabinet minister, Krishna Datt, says he is ready to face disciplinary action but Mr Chaudhry has to follow a process and "cannot just start expelling people after he arrives back home."

Mr Chaudhry is overseas and due to return this week.