12 Jun 2006

Kiribati PTA watching scholarship enquiry with interest

7:05 pm on 12 June 2006

The Kiribati Parent Teacher Association says it hopes the four week probe into scholarship student selection will see those responsible being appropriately dealt with.

This semester 18 students were sent on government scholarships to study at the University of the South Pacific but none was eligible to do degree courses.

The scholarship board has said it nominated students who met the entry criteria but those students has been replaced by others.

Tuvaluan national Tito Isala says the commission of inquiry has moved to Fiji.

PTA chairman, Dr Baua Tebau, says its awaiting the outcome of the inquiry with interest.

"We're waiting for the Fiji side of things and then what's the final decision, if people have to lose their jobs, or whatever it is. And if we do have to agree with these things we'll leave it as it is but if now, we might pursue it further."

The chairman of the PTA in Kiribati, Dr Baua Tebau