6 Jun 2006

Marshalls to act against illegal immigrants

12:50 pm on 6 June 2006

The new attorney general of the Marshall Islands has promised more action against overstayers in the weeks ahead.

A raid by immigration and police at the weekend netted a dozen Chinese nationals illegally in the country.

The Attorney General, Posesi Bloomfield, says the group, nearly all women who are suspected of working illegally as prostitutes, had overstayed their visas anywhere from six months to eight years.

Mr Bloomfield says new tougher immigration and labour laws are before parliament, and could be passed in August.

However he says until that happens, police and immigration officials will step up their raids on establishments they feel may have illegal workers.

And, he says other measures will also be used.

"They are also rolling out the new border management system - through our labour department - which requires alien workers to carry picture IDs - and checks on that are also being stepped up."

The new Marshall Islands attorney general, Posesi Bloomfield.