15 May 2006

Islands Business group of publications to continue despite death of publisher

7:31 pm on 15 May 2006

The Islands Business group of publications, which is based in Fiji, is to continue despite the death of its publisher, Robert Keith-Reid.

Its managing director, Godfrey Scoullar, says the death of Mr Keith-Reid on the weekend in Brisbane, will not put an end to the business that he built up and half owned.

Mr Scoullar paid tribute to the contribution that Mr Keith-Reid made to journalism in the region but says the company will continue.

"Of course, it's a great loss to the company. It's a big hole on our journalism side but Islands Business will carry on. We have a broad range of publications we come out with and it'll be business as usual but there will be a lot of work to be able to fill the hole that Robert left."

Godfrey Scoullar, the managing director of Islands Business.