25 Apr 2006

Vanuatu's government defends the accountability of the Commodities Marketing Board

5:36 am on 25 April 2006

Vanuatu's government has defended the accountability of the Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board against claims by opposition MP Charlot Salawai.

Mr Salawai has allleged that the government, and particularly Prime Minister Ham Lini's National United Party, is using the Board's Cooperative Funds to buy support, and is failing to reveal the source of the money VCMB used to give the Cooperatives.

However, the Daily Post reports the Government spokesman Patrick Crowby insists the government adheres to the principle of transparency and accountability and that this also applies to semi-government organisations like the VCMB.

Mr Crowby says it is wrong to accuse the government when the VCMB has a board of directors which alone decides where they get the Cooperative funds from.